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Empower Students to Achieve Their Goals

Sponsor a SCHOLARSHIP.  Scholarship recipients note the benefits of increased study time, opportuntities to engage in civic and campus activities, and research experiences add to the financial support of a scholarship.

Create a platform that promotes your company; demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility; shares your corporate values and contributes to developing an educated workforce.

Named scholarships can be introducted with an investment of $2,000. 

Bridge the leaks and gaps in the talent pipeline.  Develop EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING opportunities for students seeking a working understanding of an industry.

Find and test-drive future talent; introduce new perspectives and skill sets; gain access to the latest in techniques and technology; and offer leadership and management opportunities to current staff members.

Government funding opportunities for introducing apprenticeships are available for employers. 
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Support RESEARCH in all fields.  The research experience is transformative for students who learn from hands-on opportunities the connection between theory and practice.

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is offered annually to introduce students to independent research.  Students engage in research from project development and budgeting to hands-on research to assessment and presentation.  Program funders also serve as judges.

Fund a student research project for $1,000.  Contribute to the Symposium and make a lasting impact on the careers of multiple students with a $5,000 sponsorship.