The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey (AICUNJ) is committed to the advancement of independent higher education in New Jersey. Our 14 member institutions perform a vital service to the State by providing more than 65,000 students access to diverse educational opportunities. AICUNJ members also make a significant economic impact through research, community development and relevant degree programs that meet New Jersey’s workforce needs.

AICUNJ stimulates public interest in legislation and policy making that affect member institutions. Our goals are to:
  1. Influence public policy and legislation to guarantee the citizens of New Jersey access to quality higher education in a wide variety of educational settings.
    • Serve as liaison with the state and federal governments on behalf of the independent sector.
    • Promote and raise awareness of the independent higher education and its contributions that benefit the common good.
  2. Assure the long-term financial health of independent institutions while maintaining the high quality of their academic offerings.
    • Provide leadership in and coordination of the planning and research activities of the independent sector.
    • Suggest means by which its members can achieve maximum utilization of independent sector resources.
    • Provide a channel for assistance to each member institution.
    • Work cooperatively with the Independent College Fund of New Jersey (ICFNJ) for the benefit of New Jersey’s independent colleges and universities.
    • Promote cooperative efforts among independent institutions and between independent and public institutions.
    • Encourage professional development through cooperation of member institutions.
Read our Report to the Governor and State Legislature