Fast Facts


The 14 independent colleges and universities in New Jersey have a long history of meeting the needs of the State and its residents.  

Serving All Students

  • Our member institutions enrolled 65,130 students in Fall 2014 providing opportunities for students to find the right academic, cultural and social blend to enhance individual learning. 
  • We enroll 24% of all students attending four-year institutions in New Jersey.
  • The overall minority enrollment at our member institutions is 34%, with the undergraduate minority enrollment even greater at 38%.
  • Our colleges and universities provide over $689 million in institutional grant aid to undergraduate students. 

Meeting the Workforce Demand

  • While enrolling 15% of all higher-education students, New Jersey’s independent colleges awarded 20% of all degrees in FY2014.
  • Our students earned 24% of all the baccalaureate degrees and 37% of all advanced degrees conferred by four-year institutions in FY2014.
  • Our students earned 28% of all the education degrees and 30% of all advanced education degrees conferred in FY2014.
  • New Jersey’s independent colleges excel in degrees awarded by four-year institutions in the fields of Science and Technology:
    • 30% of all math degrees
    • 31% of all nursing degrees
    • 46% of all engineering degrees
    • 59% of all physical science advanced degrees
    • 42% of all chemistry degrees
    • 53% of all computer science advanced degrees

New Jersey’s Investment in Independent Higher Education

  • Thanks to the Building Our Future bond act and bond renewals, capital support for independent institutions was $73.5 million in FY2013.
  • The Tuition Aid Grand (TAG) and Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) programs totaled $92.8 million in financial aid for New Jersey students attending an AICUNJ institution in FY2014.
  • Direct State support in fiscal year 2015 to our fourteen member institutions equaled $1 million.

Contributions to the State of New Jersey

  • The economic impact of the sector on the State of New Jersey was more than $10.3 billion in FY2014.
  • New Jersey’s independent colleges and universities employ more than 17,000 people.
  • Our member institutions saved the State of New Jersey over $186 million in FY2014 -- the price it would cost the State to educate the New Jersey residents our institutions enrolled.
  • The fourteen institutions collectively have more than 423,700 living alumni. About 54% of all graduates of these institutions still live in New Jersey.
  • Our 14 member institutions will spend over $827 million in 2015 & 2016 on new construction and renovation of campus facilities. These projects will generate many jobs in construction and related industries over the next several years. 
  • Governor Christie and five of the governor’s Cabinet Members, along with 36 members of the New Jersey State Legislature, are alumni/ae of AICUNJ institutions.

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