Independent Colleges & Universities Welcomes President

July 2, 2018 - Dr Lou Manzione is quickly settling into his role as the President of the Independent College Fund of New Jersey; and the President/CEO of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey.  Lou sees a world of opportunities for the independent colleges and universities of New Jersey and is hitting the ground running to maintain a history of strong contributions by member institutions.  Just as the independent colleges are making their mark on the economic, cultural, intellectual and social aspects of New Jersey, Lous is ready to foster a new era of growth and collaboration.

Message from the President

I am excited to be back in New Jersey and leading an organization that has such tremendous impact on the intellectual, social and economic life of the Garden State.  The
opportunity to work with our 14 institutions of higher education is one I embrace with enthusiasm because the contributions of these valued institutions, their students and faculty make a significant difference for all of us working and living in New Jersey. 

nts continue to find amongst our colleges and universities, an excellent choice in academic environments across a wide variety of disciplines.  Helping prospective college students explore all the advantages our institutions offer remains at the forefront of the work ahead.  We are committed to retaining New Jersey’s best and brightest in the state to build their careers and lives here, while also attracting top students from around the world to learn and thrive in our welcoming communities. 

Our institutions fuel the talent pipeline of New Jersey in today’s ultra-competitive global environment by being responsive to the needs of our constituents in New Jersey companies, the Legislature, and the Governor’s office.    Expanding our relationships with New Jersey employers, to create greater opportunities for experiential learning provides a return of investment in superbly prepared students ready for employment.  From world-class research to the latest in certificate training programs, New Jersey’s independent colleges and universities will be the source of talent and knowledge to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the workforce.

To assure that students who choose an independent higher education have access to the benefits of a diverse campus, more personalized attention through smaller class sizes, flexible class schedules and a connection to community, we will continue our tireless efforts to raise funds that offset the cost of attendance and enhance the learning experience.  We recognize that student access to an affordable college education and prosperity of the State are closely connected.  Bridging the financial gap for talented and committed students remains a priority.

The independent colleges are a vital resource for New Jersey.  Together, we deliver value to our home state and its citizens.  I look forward to being part of the proud tradition of innovation, growth and leadership by New Jersey’s independent higher education institutions.  The future of New Jersey is bright with our colleges helping to build a strong foundation.

Louis T. Manzione, Ph.D.
Independent Colleges of New Jersey

Lou is prepared to foster new alliances with the corporate, foundation and legislatives communities for the good of our students, member colleges and New Jersey.  Join us in welcoming him back to New Jersey by reaching out to