Corporate Giving

When the 14 independent colleges and universities in New Jersey succeed, so do corporations and businesses in the State. In fact, our member institutions make a tremendous contribution to New Jersey’s bottom line at very little cost to state residents.

Why invest in New Jersey’s Independent Colleges?

An educated citizenry contributes to the economic, social, political and cultural value of society.

Contribute to the Success of the Future Workforce
  • 24% of all students attending four-year institutions in New Jersey are enrolled at an ICFNJ member institution.
  • Students build a solid educational foundation that 80% of employers indicated as desirable - a broad knowledge in the liberal arts.
  • By learning to think critically, communicate effectively and by approaching learning as on ongoing quest, our students develop the abilities that will serve them well whereever life takes them.
Promote Diversity and a Global Community
  • One in six college students in New Jersey attends an independent college or university.
  • The overall undergraduate minority enrollment is 38% at ICFNJ member institutions. 
  • Many older, working and part-time students attend along with "traditional" full-time students just out of high school.
Realize a Return on Education
  • New Jersey's independent college students earned 23% of the baccalaureate degrees and 37% of all advanced degress conferred in FY2017.
  • More private college graduates finish on time (59% versus 38% at regional public universities) - finishing faster helps students avoid extra years of tuition.
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Why Partner with ICFNJ?
  • Value the efficiency of a single point of contact that is able to solicit and isburese funds to any or all of our 14 member institutions.
  • Build corporate visibility and branding opportunities across New Jersey's 14 private colleges and among their constitutencies with a single gift.
  • Realize a high return on investment through targeted funding programs that can support business objectives.
  • Promote valuable civic identity - internally and externally - through named programs.
  • Contribute to the development of a quality future workforce that will promote New Jersey's economy.
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Ways to Give
Given the broad scope of giving opportunities offered in today's dynamic educational environment, contributions and grants can be tailored to provide the greatest return on investment across our member campuses. 
  • Contribute unrestricted general operating funds. These contributions allow our member colleges and universities to direct money where it is most needed. This is the most helpful and valuable way you can assist our 14 member institutions.
  • Fund Scholarships. 
  • Strategic Giving Programs.  ICFNJ’s Strategic Giving Program allows our corporate and foundation partners to target their investments to provide support for areas closely aligned with their business objectives.  Support of collaborative endeavors between private colleges and universities and specific industries helps
    address some of society’s most pressing workforce needs such as nursing preparation, teacher training and science education.  ICFNJ adds value through best practices forums and shared purchasing of goods and services.
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National Affiliation

ICFNJ is affiliated with the Council of Independent Colleges, the national partner in a network of 32 state and regional funds whose aim is to broaden corporate and philanthropic support of independent higher education.

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Tax Status

ICFNJ is a tax-exempt, non-profit New Jersey corporation and has been ruled “not a private foundation” by the Internal Revenue Service. It is a 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts may be tax deductible under present federal law.

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