Successful Profiles

Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) celebrated its fifth year of offering students an opportunity to pursue their interests and engage in independent research.  All participants are encourage to build their networking skills along with their presentation and interviewing capabilities.  Five students stood out for their research presentations at the March 5, 2018 Symposoium at Liberty Science Center. 

Scored in seven areas including overall presention, the top five performers (from left to right) were Sara Lamcaj, Seton Hall University; Koushik Muralidharan, Monmouth University; Nicole Sivetz, Monmouth University; Olivia Blondhem, Drew University; and Pearl Sutter, Drew University. 



Support for ICFNJ administered programs comes from multiple sources.

The success of the Undergraduate Research Symposium hinges on the engagement of the corporate and academic judges who donate their time and contribute their talent to the process.  For the fifth annual Symposium, two distinct entities demonstrated their exceptional commitment to jSTEM engagement by sending a team of evaluators - Armaments Research Development Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ;

and three time program sponsor, Siemens Industry, Inc. 

ICFNJ member colleges and universities offer a broad range of majors.  This year the first scholarship for a student in the the performing arts was awarded through the generosity of the Lyrics for Lucas Foundation

Krista Hasting, '19, Rider University shares, "This summer I will be able to attend Hawaii Arts Performing Festival and will be albe to have my first experience learning an entire lead role for an opera.  The only way this is possible is because of my scholarships that take the weight off of school costs.  The scholarhsip is part of that and I am so truly grateful.  These are opportunities that will change the course of may career for the better and an I so looking forward to it."

Thirty-five scholarship recipients  from among our 14 member institutions attended the Annual Spring Dinner on June 6, 2018.  Each student addressed the audience sharing their appreciation for scholarship support.
Support for projects that occur outside the classroom can still provide life lessons.  This past year green campus funding was awarded to help Centenary University put recycling bins in the student dorms to encourage earth-friendly practices.

In 2013, Americans recycled 87 million tons of trash, or about 34% of all waste.  A college that is serious about sustainability will also have a serious recycling program, as well as opportunities for composting.  These programs should extend further than the food service kitchens and dining halls, and be encouraged for all students across campus.   (
Climate Change and Colleges, AH Online).

School is not out for the summer. With the support of Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies four College Pathways Reinforcement (CPR) programs will help students discover the sciences and the career opportunties they offer through on-campus learning experiences: Exploring the Sciences, College of St. Elizabeth;
Governors School of the Sciences, Drew University;
Junior Science Summer Program, Monmouth University; and
Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP).